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May 3, 2020

In this episode of the Millennials in China podcast we bring on our first interview guest! Jack Boller is an American Millennial from Virginia who came to China after graduation in 2010, and now runs a successful education consulting business spanning several Chinese cities. He shares his China journey from his humble beginnings as an English teacher in a small Chinese city, to how he managed to grind his way to success today.

Show Notes:

  • Jack’s unique reason for coming to China in the first place - via a century-old partnership program between his college and China.
  • The tough first year Jack spent in the Chinese city of Fenyang, where he was one of only two foreigners in the city.
  • Sacrifices always lead to rewards - how Jack significantly improved his Mandarin as well as understanding of Chinese psychology through his year in the third tier Chinese city.
  • How a job in Shanghai turned into a business idea, which almost didn’t happen.
  • How two important clients completely transformed and boosted the business - a small portion of people often provide the biggest gains.
  • How Jack met his Chinese business partner, and how he tries to navigate all the horror stories we heard about doing joint ventures with local partners.
  • Funny and down-to-earth hustle stories from the early days of his business, from teaching kids in Starbucks to renting out a “classroom” in a hotel.
  • Jack’s big advice to aspiring entrepreneurs who want to test the waters in China, or anywhere.


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