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Mar 14, 2021

In this episode we interview Fabian Triebe, a business consultant at the Sino-European Technology and Innovation Center in Hangzhou and an organizer of Startup Grind China. Fabian shares his story of leaving a stable banking job in Germany to start his adventure in China, and what kind of exciting business initiatives he is undertaking with European technology startups for their China market entry.

Show Notes:

  • What drove Fabian to leave his professional career working at a major Swedish bank in Germany to move to China.
  • How Fabian found his niche in Hangzhou’s entrepreneurship and startup scene.
  • Fabian’s day-to-day job duties at the Sino-European Technology and Innovation Center, and what value he brings to his clients.
  • What is Startup Grind China and how can people get involved.
  • The biggest challenges and learning moments Fabian had from his time hustling in China.
  • Two types of advice for new China entrants - one for young people just beginning their adventures, and one for seasoned overseas CEOs who might be looking at the Chinese market.

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