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Jan 31, 2021

In this episode we discuss the wild event buzzing around global financial markets this week - the audacious Redditors vs hedgefunds battle over short squeezing GameStop stocks. We explain what exactly happened and why it happened, and how new age social media and information was vital for forming this powerful army of retail investors. We also look at the disgraceful Robinhood ban of stock buying and why that was the canary in the coal mine for the decentralization movement.

Show Notes:

  • Why is everyone talking about GameStop and its stocks this week? What happened?
  • Some basics about stock markets, shorting, short squeeze, and how GameStop stock rocketed to crazy heights.
  • The r/wallstreetbets retail investor army, and why they were able to put billion dollar hedgefunds out of business.
  • Shockwaves around Wall Street and the methods they took to fight back and save themselves.
  • Robinhood pulling the plug on further buying of GameStop, and how this move might be seen as blatant market manipulation.
  • Social media and information sharing is so powerful now that smart retail investors can have real success in the financial markets.
  • How COVID and stimulus checks have made stock and crypto trading an increasingly popular pastime.
  • The dire need for decentralization and overcoming the control and manipulation of centralized platforms and entities.
  • Why this GameStop saga could be the canary in the coal mine that really kicks off the crypto movement.

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