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Jan 17, 2021

In this episode we discuss the eccentric, satisfying, and weird Eastern health and wellbeing routines popular in China. Blind massages, foot massages, cupping and scraping, and even tickling your feet with minnow fish - what’s the deal? And of course, hot water is the magical elixir that solves all ailments in China!

Show Notes:

  • Eastern health and wellbeing routines commonly practiced by the Chinese.
  • Scraping and cupping - leave a spa with bruise marks all over your back and feeling great?
  • Massages in China - the infamous “blind massage” and deep tissue treatment.
  • Foot massages by hand and fishes! Not for the ticklish.
  • Communal bathhouses, a favourite of the past. 
  • Line dancing in the square and why older Chinese people love to walk.
  • Leaving windows open in the winter? The reasons and history behind this uncomfortable practice.
  • Hot water - the remedy for everything.

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