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Jan 11, 2021

In this episode we chat with Sonny Alves Dias, CTO of Pixelmatic, a video game studio based in Shanghai with a distributed team around the world. We ask Sonny about his life as a computer programmer and video game developer in China, and how he deals with managing cross-cultural teams and communication issues in the tech field.

Show Notes:

  • Sonny’s background and his journey from Paris to Shanghai.
  • How did Sonny get his first job in China? How did he get into the video game industry?
  • Sonny’s role as Chief Technical Officer at Pixelmatic, and how he manages a distributed team of programmers.
  • The challenges of working with Chinese programmers in terms of communication, and how Sonny overcomes them.
  • Why do Chinese programmers all seem to have a good grasp of English?
  • Hiring developers in China, and what to look out for.
  • What about work opportunities for foreign developers at Chinese companies?
  • Salaries in tech in China, and how they have gone up considerably in first tier cities.
  • Sonny is hiring!

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