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Jan 3, 2021

Happy New Year! In this first episode of 2021, we discuss the list of things you need to prepare for prior to embarking on your China journey. China is an unique beast of its own that operates on completely different wavelengths from most Western countries, and it has its own ways and systems of doing EVERYTHING. Things like different visas, VPNs for internet access, and even “strange” cultural norms - are all things you must prepare for prior to arriving in China, for a relatively smooth experience!

Show Notes:

  • Documentation for coming to China - different visas and which one is best for your purpose.
  • Accessing the internet in China and climbing over the “Great Firewall” - getting a VPN prior to coming to China.
  • China’s informational walled garden, and why getting a local SIM Card is absolutely necessary to do anything.
  • Banking in China, and exchanging currencies.
  • What necessities should you bring from your home country, which may not be easily available in China?
  • Vaccinations and health insurance for China?
  • Mental preparation for coming to China - be adaptable, open minded, and don’t fret over “rude” local etiquettes.