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May 24, 2020

In this episode of the Millennials in China podcast we interview Ukrainian entrepreneur Marian Danko. Marian (Marik) first arrived in China in 2011 for importing building materials to Ukraine. He eventually decided that he was not interested in import/export, and started pursuing tech-related ventures. He encountered failures along the way but always managed to overcome them with his remarkable persistence, and he is currently running one of the largest tech startup communities in China called WeHustle.

Show Notes:

  • Marian introduces himself and talks about how he ended up in Shijiazhuang, China from Ukraine and via cruise ships sailing across over 30 countries.
  • How Marian decided to leave import/export and do something that he was more interested in.
  • Marian’s keys to successfully building a community - passion, focus, and consistency.
  • Marian introduces his company, WeHustle, and the array of community building, networking, services, and events they provide for tech startups in Shanghai.
  • What is Chinaccelerator and how it can help foreign entrepreneurs wanting to reach the Chinese market.
  • Even with COVID-19 shutting down events for months, Marian’s business manages to get on just fine as he is always adjusting to situations, pivoting, and focusing on the highest priorities.
  • The biggest personal rewards for Marian - seeing people meet and gain mutual value through his community.
  • Marian explains his views about what the China startup scene will be like in the next few years, and talks about China’s initiative to make Hainan into a “Silicon Island.”
  • Marian’s advice on the pros and cons of hustling in China, as well as some words of wisdom for aspiring young China hustlers.