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Dec 20, 2020

In this episode we call in with Jannick ten Hoor, a Dutch Millennial based in Macau with over a decade’s experience in hotel management and hospitality. Jannick shares great insights on how he managed to climb the career ladder so rapidly in Asia, working for various large hotel chains and switching his focus from hotel management to food & beverage. As well, Jannick shares inside stories on how the hospitality industry has really been affected by COVID in 2020.

Show Notes:

  • Jannick’s journey to the hospitality industry and across various hotel groups, and how he managed to move up quickly since coming to work in China.
  • Major differences and challenges for working in the hotel industry in China.
  • What’s Jannick’s day-to-day work like as a food & beverages director? Why is the job so busy and so stressful?
  • Jannick’s favourite and least favourite parts of working in the hospitality industry.
  • Differences between the job as a hotel manager and a F&B manager.
  • How has COVID damaged the hotel industry in 2020? Effects in China vs Macau.
  • Pay cuts and layoffs.
  • Being stuck in Macau, and when will the hotel industry return to normal.
  • Advice to aspiring hoteliers and young F&B professionals, and why coming to work in China/Asia could potentially turbo boost your career.

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