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Dec 6, 2020

In this episode we interview Amy Lyons aka “Blondie in China”, who is a hugely popular “China YouTuber” with nearly 200k subscribers. Amy makes lots of interesting and funny YouTube videos about China, Chinese food, and her travels and experiences from living in China, and has an army of loyal and adoring fans who watch her videos regularly.

Show Notes:

  • What prompted Amy’s connection to China, and what made her stay with it.
  • How Amy decided to start a YouTube channel and become a content creator full time.
  • At what point did Amy realize that her YouTube channel would be successful? Which video made her go viral?
  • The time when Amy went on a Chinese dating show.
  • Getting into the state for filming on camera - does it come naturally?
  • The toughest part about running her YouTube channel.
  • How the COVID pandemic has soured diplomatic relations between China and Australia, and whether that has affected Amy’s YouTube channel.
  • Amy’s secret recipe to becoming a successful YouTuber.
  • Amy’s advice for anyone building their personal brand or trying to become a content creator.