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Nov 22, 2020

In this episode we sit down with Gabba Schwencke, a Dutch Millennial who works in relocation and high end apartment rental for expats. Gabba arrived in China 9 years ago on a whim and got started in real estate sales after a gruelling start. He has been consistently finding high quality housing for expats and their multinational employers since then, and has a wealth of knowledge of the China real estate scene.

Show Notes:

  • Gabba’s initial contact with China and why he decided to move to Shanghai 9 years ago.
  • How Gabba landed a job in real estate sales totally by chance, and how he almost got fired after 2 weeks.
  • What Gabba’s work entails - not only renting out expensive apartments to wealthy expats but also providing the complete expat relocation service.
  • How it’s like being practically the only foreigner real estate agent in Shanghai, and what Gabba’s edge is.
  • The tremendous difference in quality and price between high end apartments and average apartments for foreigners in Shanghai.
  • Tips on apartment hunting, and beware of the “second landlord” rentals that are becoming very common in Shanghai.