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Nov 15, 2020

In this episode we sit down with Dimitar Dinev, a well-connected figure in the China crypto & blockchain scene who was previously the MD at JRR Crypto, a crypto VC fund. Dimitar shares his interesting entrepreneurial journey which started in his hometown of Plovdiv in Bulgaria, where he rented out a shop to start an art gallery. After meeting his Chinese wife in Milan, they decided to move to Shanghai where he leveraged his economics background to become a stalwart in the local crypto community.

Show Notes:

  • Dimitar’s youth as a competitive gamer and how he harnessed his entrepreneur spirit when passing by a storefront for rent in the town center of Plovdiv, his hometown in Bulgaria.
  • The art dealing business and what it was like to run an art gallery in Europe.
  • The glass ceiling in the European art business, and making the big decision to move from Milan to Shanghai.
  • Working in financial services and stumbling onto cryptocurrencies.
  • How Dimitar got addicted to the crypto space and his insatiable appetite for knowledge and learning.
  • Pivoting into crypto full time and getting into the crypto VC scene.
  • Learnings from the crypto VC scene and advice for young entrepreneurs looking for VC funding.

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