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Nov 8, 2020

In this episode we discuss the various socioeconomic classes in China, and how life at each tier of the social ladder is so drastically different. In the West we are used to life being more or less similar for the majority of people, but that is not the case in China where despite 600+ million people having been lifted out of poverty in recent decades, we still observe huge gaps in income and living standards, especially in first tier cities.

Show Notes:

  • The incredible economic revolution China experienced in the past three decades, and how more than 600 million people were lifted out of poverty.
  • The relative equality in living standards in Western countries vs the drastically different living standards between social classes in China.
  • The working class population in China’s major cities, and how service workers and white collar workers lead entirely different lives.
  • The modus operandi of “migrant workers” in China, how they take contracts in different places on an annual basis and send money home.
  • Income, living conditions, and what we often do not see.
  • The young, white collar middle class and their struggle to afford property in major cities.
  • The elusive and exclusive ultra rich and international elite.

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