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Oct 25, 2020

In this episode we sit down with Ta-Wei Wang, Co-Founder of Aptive Education and an Asia veteran who has worked in the education industry in both South Korea and China, splitting his years between Seoul and Beijing. We ask Ta-Wei about the differences in teaching and work/business culture between the two countries, what new innovative things he is trying with education, and which country is better suited for those seeking jobs in education.

Show Notes:

  • Ta-Wei’s background as an Asian American and spending half of his life working in South Korea and China.
  • The transformation of the education industry in Asia over the past decade - the change in demand from “exotic foreign face” to proper teacher with relevant life experiences.
  • The rigid hierarchy and glass ceiling in the Korean business world, and why Ta-Wei decided to move to China.
  • Differences in work culture and qualifications between different places in Korea and China, and why China is a better bet for someone seeking a future in education or beyond.
  • The trend of education moving from brick & mortar to digital, and how Ta-Wei is adapting with his new startup.
  • Ta-Wei’s new startup, Aptive Education, and how it is using education technology to bring education availability to poor kids all over Asia.

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