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Oct 11, 2020

In this episode we explain the top Chinese mobile apps (“A-P-P”s) that you simply cannot live without in China. Life in China runs on mobile, to the point that most Chinese people no longer even have home computers! WeChat, Alipay, Didi, Eleme, Taobao, etc. are almost mandatory for your everyday life in China, and we are here to explain how each one works. 

Show Notes:

  • WeChat: messaging, groups/communities, mini-apps and daily life things.
  • Alipay: money transfers, mini-apps and daily life things.
  • Eleme, Meituan: food delivery.
  • Pleco: learning Chinese and translating characters.
  • Dazhongdianping (Dianping): local business reviews.
  • Taobao/JD: e-commerce/shopping.
  • VPN: getting over the GFW.
  • Didi: taxi hailing.
  • Ctrip/Booking: hotel booking and trip planning.
  • QQ Music: music.
  • WeChat & Alipay’s vertical integration to become more dominant.

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