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Oct 4, 2020

In this episode we do an update on the COVID situation in China! Our podcast’s first ever episode started with discussions around coronavirus back in the height of the pandemic in March, and we felt it is fitting to throwback and see how much things have changed in these 6 months since.

Show Notes:

  • China’s borders have opened up a bit - finally! The latest rules indicate that foreigners with existing work, personal matters, and family reunion visas can now come into China.
  • Mandatory 14-day quarantine is still in place for people returning to China from abroad, and it certainly isn’t the most pleasant experience.
  • Life is more or less back to normal now in China, although some “COVID rules” remain in place.
  • Masks are still mandatory on public transportation, whereas a green “Health Code” QR code is required for intercity travel.
  • Public sentiment towards foreigners in China vs public sentiment towards Chinese people in the West.
  • The COVID circus in America/UK and should we worried about a second wave this winter?!

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