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Sep 20, 2020

In this episode we chat with Jasmine Shi, a Chinese Millennial who owns a fitness studio in Shanghai called StyleDuro. We dive into the fascinating world of gyms and personal training studios, and get Jasmine’s insights on the challenges and rewards associated with running such a business.

Show Notes:

  • Jasmine’s background - grew up in China, studied in the UK, and returned to China to work before jumping into entrepreneurship with both feet.
  • How Jasmine made the decision to start a fitness studio, and how it was almost an instinctive decision rather than a thoroughly thought out one.
  • The perfect timing of Jasmine’s decision to get into this business, and whether the opportunity would still exist today.
  • Small bespoke fitness studios vs the poor customer experience at large gym franchises in China.
  • How Jasmine doesn’t spend any money on sales/advertising and purely relies on word of mouth.
  • How Jasmine ensures that her clients have a fantastic and family-like experience so that they become ambassadors of her studio.
  • What Jasmine looks for when selecting and training coaches for her studio.
  • Biggest challenge of running a fitness studio: human resources, and making sure the freelance coaches are reliable.
  • Jasmine’s expansion plans and how it is being affected by COVID.
  • Jasmine’s advice for Chris who is planning to convince his wife to start her own fitness studio.

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