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Sep 13, 2020

In this episode we chat with Luke Nestler, a Professional Development Consultant at the Oxford University Press in Shanghai. Luke is an unusual example of someone who made a major career change at age 30 and subsequently started his China journey, going from teaching to eventually training and developing teachers. His path shows some of the exciting career options related to teaching that’s available for foreign teachers in China.

Show Notes:

  • Luke explains his decision to drop his 7-year career in finance in London in favour of teaching English abroad.
  • How Luke took the CELTA teaching course in Manchester to prepare for his English teaching career, and why he decided to teach in China as opposed to Korea or other countries.
  • Luke’s current role as a Professional Development Consultant and what it entails.
  • How COVID-19 has pushed Luke’s industry to accelerate its digital transition.
  • The importance of self improvement, proving your value, and taking the initiative to ask for opportunities.
  • Whether or not Luke found it difficult to make such a drastic career and life transformation at age 30.
  • The many intangible skills gained from teaching, and why teachers should be proud of their profession.
  • Luke’s extracurricular hustles including being in performance art and providing voiceovers for video games.
  • The importance of committing to teaching and committing to China to make a real career out of it.

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