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Aug 30, 2020

In this episode we interview Daisy Peak, a British national who is in charge of organizational culture at Alibaba. Daisy talks about her experience co-founding an HR/recruitment startup in Chengdu and the open attitude Chengdu’s government had towards entrepreneurs and foreign talent, while also answering some burning questions we had about working at Alibaba, China’s tech giant.

Show Notes:

  • Daisy’s story on how choosing Chinese as a second language at school in London turned into an entire new life in China.
  • Daisy’s connection with Chengdu, a progressive and rapidly growing major city in southwestern China.
  • Laowai Here, the company Daisy co-founded in Chengdu, which worked closely with local officials and helped foreign talent find jobs and homes in Chengdu.
  • Daisy shares intel on the open attitude Chengdu has towards entrepreneurs and foreigners, as well as the numerous government subsidies available for startups - including free office space!
  • Alibaba, China’s tech giant, and a highly desired professional destination for China’s youth.
  • Daisy discusses Jack Ma’s infamous “996” work culture and whether or not working at Alibaba is that intense.
  • Alibaba’s organizational culture and some drastic transformations the company is going through.
  • Daisy’s advice for young professionals looking to get a job at Alibaba, and how they should go about doing so.
  • Some final words of advice Daisy has for a younger version of herself - listen to more podcasts, learn more, and study more Chinese!

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