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Aug 24, 2020

In this episode Chris and Hope sit down to discuss a big topic for the new world order we live in - Bitcoin. Hope is a huge crypto enthusiast who has been involved in the Bitcoin scene since 2016, and shares his insights on Bitcoin, why it has tremendous value, and why it was (is) so popular in China. For most Millennials living in this digital age, Bitcoin and crypto should soon be the norm rather than the exception.

Show Notes:

  • Chris and Hope’s simple explanations of what Bitcoin is and what value it provides.
  • Digital money and common misconceptions about value.
  • How Hope came across Bitcoin a few years ago, more or less out of necessity.
  • Why banks are so draconian and why that will be their downfall.
  • The future outlook for social trends and why that is bullish for Bitcoin.
  • How does a newcomer go about buying Bitcoin?
  • Hope answers the age-old question of “is it a good time to buy Bitcoin now?” and why short term price should not be a deterrence for a long term view.
  • Altcoins and Bitcoin “maximalism”, and why Hope does not recommend holding altcoins for the long term.
  • Best places to find educational information about Bitcoin.
  • China’s early “glory days” and vibrant Bitcoin community, and the PBOC ban that quieted things down.

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