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Aug 9, 2020

In this episode we interview Byung Koo Mulder, an experienced Korean-Dutch financial advisor who has spent more than a decade working and living in Hong Kong and Shanghai. We explore important issues relating to personal finance and building wealth, especially in terms of the many predisposed challenges faced by the Millennial generation and how best to overcome them. We also talk about stock markets, day trading vs long term investing, and more.

Show Notes:

  • Byung Koo (BK) moved to Hong Kong on an assignment from the Dutch bank he was working for, and after his contract was up he decided to stay in Asia and relocated to Shanghai.
  • What BK’s job as a financial advisor entails, and what kind of clients he works with.
  • Why are Millennials in general so financially troubled, compared to older generations when they were at the same age?
  • Bad timing + instant gratification, and how Millennials must act to catch up and get ahead financially.
  • The difference in mindset between European investors and Chinese investors, and why do Chinese people love to buy properties.
  • The Chinese stock market and how it can be so different from Western stock markets.
  • China’s obsession with speculation, and the retail investors’ flock mentality.
  • Why day trading and short term trading is on the rise, whereas decades ago people used to buy and hold stocks.
  • How BK allocates his personal portfolio.
  • BK’s advice for the average Millennial to start saving, investing, and helping their future self.

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