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Aug 2, 2020

In this episode we interview Henrik Kragh, China’s regional marketing head for Grundfos, a Danish multinational hydro pump company. Henrik brings a different perspective from what we are used to on this show - instead of entrepreneurs, hustlers, and startups, we get a taste of how it’s like to work as an expat in a large multinational company. As well, Henrik has also been running the Shanghai Vikings football (soccer) club for many years, which is another huge part of the expat life fabric.

Show Notes:

  • Henrik’s China story - how a bonding trip to China with his father made him totally fall in love with China.
  • Henrik’s journey with learning Mandarin, from struggling in class in Copenhagen to becoming incredibly motivated while living in Beijing.
  • How Denmark’s strong expat community, and its football club in Beijing, helped Henrik land his two jobs in China.
  • Working for a large global corporation like Grundfos, and how different it is from doing startups.
  • Henrik’s “traditional marketing” job at Grundfos, and his funny stories about taking Chinese clients to experience tours in Europe.
  • Scandinavian business culture.
  • The importance of localizing experiences for clients - Chinese food and time for shopping are very important for Chinese clients abroad!
  • The importance of being part of an expat community such as the Vikings and the camaraderie and network it provides.
  • The “Viking Cup” and the Vikings football institution across Asia!
  • The challenges of organizing the Shanghai Vikings and keeping the 25-year tradition going.

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