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Mar 28, 2020

In this episode of the Millennials in China podcast we discuss the #YOLO instant gratification mindset that’s corrupting Millennials and some cultural differences between East and West. As well, we open the episode with a quick update on the COVID-19 situation in China.

Show Notes:

  • Coronavirus update; China shutting its borders. US, Canada, the UK, and Prince Charles!
  • The YOLO instant gratification mindset that’s plaguing our generation.
  • Western individualism vs. Chinese collectivism, and how that’s changing.
  • Chris talks about how his Chinese in-laws take it to the absolute next level when it comes to delayed gratification and being frugal.
  • Living in the moment without any responsibilities vs. enjoying life in moderation while saving and planning for the future.
  • The Chinese hustler mindset and how it’s very common for people to do side hustles and sell things in China.
  • Chris and Hope both discuss their own anecdotal mindset changes since moving to China.
  • Hope talks about living as a digital nomad among backpackers and how that motivated him to focus on more important things.
  • Cultural differences in education - the Chinese focus on respecting students with top grades vs. the Western focus on respecting “cool”/rebellious kids.
  • As we get a bit older our priorities are changing, and we think in longer time horizons.


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