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Jul 19, 2020

How do you get about being an opinion leader in Shanghai’s expat community? In this episode of the Millennials in China podcast we interview Cristina Ng, former Editor at That’s Shanghai who has been living in China for 12 years. Cristina talks about how she made the transition from teaching to HR and eventually following her passion to become a food writer and editor at one of Shanghai’s top expat magazines, and all the perks and quirks that come with it.

Show Notes:

  • Cristina’s journey from English teacher to Director of HR and freelancing writing about Shanghai’s food scene.
  • How to go about getting a freelance gig as Cristina did, and the power of a network in Shanghai.
  • Cristina talks about what it’s like to sample and write about food for a living, and the pros and cons that come with it.
  • The burnout of having your hobby as a full time job.
  • Solidarity and the importance of keeping a community going strong, especially during tough times like COVID-19 and now (borders closed and number of expats dwindling in China).
  • Cristina’s current project, Own What You Eat, and how it explores the sources, processes, and social impact of the food we eat in Shanghai.
  • Parting advice for anyone who’s looking to pick up a side gig doing something they enjoy - not necessarily writing!

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