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Jun 28, 2020

In this episode of the Millennials in China podcast Chris and Hope discuss a very popular China topic - teaching English! Having first come through China as a TEFL teacher, Chris has a wealth of knowledge on the topic of teaching in China, and he shares his insights on all the nitty gritty of landing a well paid English teaching job in China while avoiding scams.

Show Notes:

  • Why teaching English in China is a well paid opportunity and why it makes sense for many people, especially young graduates who struggle with job markets in the West.
  • Preparation steps for coming to China to teach English, including getting a TEFL certificate.
  • Getting a teaching job and sorting out all the details - don’t be afraid to be annoying and ask lots of questions, leave no rocks unturned!
  • Housing options that come with many teaching jobs.
  • Different types of teaching gigs in China and the different types of schools - international schools, local schools, training centers, etc.
  • Transitioning into freelance teaching and building your own network of clients to make big money!
  • Typical salary rates for teaching jobs in China.
  • How are the interactions with Chinese student parents like?
  • What do recruiters look for when they are hiring foreign teachers?
  • Final words of encouragement - teaching may not be for everyone but it can be very rewarding both in terms of developing your confidence, public speaking skills, and remuneration.


TEFL courses: The one I did. Pretty accessible. Not the deepest or most “academic” course out there IMO but certainly functional and has a nice pace of professionally put together content. (the mack daddy of TEFL courses, expensive but having one puts you above the rest)

Recruiters: - best in the industry IMO. Very professional and a wide network. Well known dude. - Also a great recruiter and has a fun community that shares ideas and teaching resources.


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