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Jun 14, 2020

In this episode of the Millennials in China podcast we interview Jake Zimmerman, an American Millennial who originally moved to China to teach English, and is now running a sales team at a multinational conglomerate in Manila, the Philippines. Jake shares the hilarious stories from his journey, talks about the adventurous mentality required to step outside of your comfort zone, and shares his secrets to sales and networking.

Show Notes:

  • Jake introduces himself and his background growing up in Wisconsin and getting his first exposure to different cultures from his fraternity.
  • Jake’s early dabbles with entrepreneurship and the non-profit organization he set up, called Global Smilez.
  • Lessons learned from running an NGO and the travel bug that won’t go away.
  • How Jake decided to return to Asia and land in Shanghai with a teaching job at English First (EF).
  • Hilarious stories from Jake’s first year in Shanghai, which he aptly called “a lucid dream,” including having a pet pig while living on the 30th floor of an apartment building.
  • Why Jake went to London for business school, and what he got out of it the most.
  • Jake’s grind on a job in financial services in Shenzhen, and why it was not for him.
  • The transition from Shenzhen back to the US and then to the Philippines, and what Jake is doing now.
  • Sustainable eco products from rice, and how Jake and his team is trying to build a new lifestyle brand.
  • Interesting stories from running a sales team and some unique interview methods!


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