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Jun 7, 2020

In this episode of the Millennials in China podcast we interview Victor Lee, a Malaysian entrepreneur who spent 13 years in China. Victor started his China journey back in 2007 after getting a job offer in customer service IT. He had been hustling all his life and was already assembling a team and building tech apps while still working full time. Now he is back living in Kuala Lumpur and Singapore, and is the Founder and CEO of Bitcurate, a blockchain data analytics startup.

Show Notes:

  • Victor introduces himself and how he came across the opportunity of moving to China.
  • Victor’s first job in China working in customer service IT for an American company, and how he soon started his own side hustle, even employing a couple of part-time software developers.
  • Victor recounts how he was already hustling and selling insurance back in Malaysia, and how the sales skills he learned coupled with his product development expertise helped him jump into a career building financial technology products at Standard Chartered Bank.
  • How Victor was able to use his resources wisely and be able to pay salary to part-time employees while himself having a day job.
  • How Victor was attracted to the concept of decentralized governance and falling into the blockchain rabbit hole.
  • What inspired his new company, Bitcurate, and what it does.
  • How skilled labour is no longer cheap in China, and how Victor decided to move back to Malaysia to utilize the cheaper talent available.
  • Victor’s golden tips on having the entrepreneur mindset but also having the grit and frugality to survive and outlast difficult times.


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